The Wolf or the Gun
The Wolf or the Gun

The Wolf or the Gun


Glenda M. Baldock

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Katie and her children have been abducted from their home in North Carolina by Hamish Chesterfield, a wealthy gunsmith bent on discovering where her 20th century repeating pistol came from. He takes her to London, England, by ship, then overland to his vast estate in Manchester. Hamish uses the children as a means of controlling her. Katie, Jack and baby Brandon suffer unmentionable atrocities at the hands of Hamish and his brutal lieutenant, as they mercilessly try to find out the origins of the unique gun.

Katie fears her husband, William, is dead. But when she hears her wolf howling, she realises the only way Rex could be here in England was if William brought him over. William was left for dead back in North Carolina, where he would certainly have died if Rex hadn’t found him. He and Rex follow Katie to Manchester, where he plots to get his family back with the help of his father and brothers.

William’s father, the powerful Earl of Hamptonshire, and his heir, Joseph Langton, are invited to attend a grand ball held at Chesterfield Hall, to honour the King. William sees this as the chance to get his family back and exact his vengeance on the gunsmith and his lieutenant.


Book 1: Don't Shoot the Wolf

Book 2: The Wolf or the Gun

Book 3: Wolf Magic


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