The InHouse Bookstore

The InHouse Bookstore was created to provide self-published Australian authors a platform to sell their book to a commercial audience.

These authors have invested their own time and money into publishing their book. They have spent countless hours writing and editing their work; collaborating with professional editors, designers, and printers; and promoting and marketing their book to readers. With the assistance of InHouse Publishing, they have produced a high-quality book they can be proud to sell to readers everywhere.

The InHouse Bookstore aims to support self-published authors by providing a distribution channel for their work. Unlike many other large book distributors, we only take a very small fee to cover our administration costs and do not try to profit from this endeavour. Because of this, we limit our stock to only include our smaller family of InHouse authors.

When you purchase a book from us, 80% of the retail price goes back to the author! This helps them recuperate their investment and fund their next book.

We are so proud to offer our authors this platform to support their work, increase their reach, and help share their book with readers across the world.

Thank you for supporting our incredible Australian talents.


The InHouse Bookstore is part of the InHouse Group (InHouse Publishing, InHouse Print & Design, and InHouse Signs).

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