Your Mind, a Burning City

Your Mind, a Burning City


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“Chelsea had a smile on her face, her head dangling lifelessly with her eyes wide open, staring into a whole lot of nothing. Her boyfriend was next to her, his expression completely the opposite. His eyes were stitched shut with his mouth gaping wide, as if in a screaming sort of motion. His jaw had been ripped open, the blood drying around the skin; his head facing downwards, straight at my direction. Josie’s close friends were completely exposed and hanging from their hands on the tree in front of me. Their wrists ripped to shreds by the sharp blades of the branches, blood oozing out of their skin like somebody had painted a portrait and was waiting for appraisal. I don’t think I’d ever felt such a weight on my shoulders before, like a darkness had lifted where the sun should have risen and there was absolutely nothing that I could do to stop it.”

My name is Dexter Handfold.
Welcome to my own personal hell.

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