Whose Tree Will It Be?
Whose Tree Will It Be?

Whose Tree Will It Be?


Mary Helen Farr

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Detective Inspector Jean Augustine is on the trail to solve yet another murder – this time on the East coast of Tasmania, Australia, in the sleepy rural village of Dennison where he is holidaying. However, his break is disrupted when the local Sergeant, Noel Harvey, asks him to solve the murder of local lad Shane Savage, whose mutilated body is found by local resident Glenys Cussons as she makes her way home from an evening bridge game.

Constable Rosalie Smythe, Inspector Augustine’s trusty side kick, makes sure she joins her beloved Inspector on the case, and the three law enforcers begin their inquiries.

Dennison is far from sleepy, as undercurrents of local affairs, and family lies and deceits, lead the Inspector down many a sidetrack, until an arrest is imminent.


About the Author -

Mary Helen Farr lives in Tasmania, Australia, with her husband Andrew. Her three children and three grandchildren live close by. Nurturing a love of writing that began as a child, she published her first novel in 2013. Now retired, she has time to indulge her imagination, setting many of her stories to the backdrop of this beautiful, picturesque State.


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