What Price Freedom?
What Price Freedom?

What Price Freedom?


Mary Helen Farr

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What Price Freedom?

Nick’s life up until now, has been packed with trouble. A neglected childhood, followed by run ins with the law. He now resides in a detention centre (near Deloraine), rubbing shoulders with other troubled lads. Escape can mean a new start, or if nothing else, respect from the other inmates.

Margaret and Jack (living in Launceston) enjoy a privileged life style. But their marriage is on the rocks. Margaret can’t accept the changes this will mean to her. A demotion from high society and a restricted income will ruin her life, whereas Jack views separation as the chance to cut free. He seeks peace with his sister in law, Alice, and his brother in law, Brian, on their farm at Kayena

Nick’s escape and Margaret and Jack’s problems, culminate in a stand off at the farm.

The novel, ‘What Price Freedom’ is set in the North of Tasmania, Australia. It explores man’s bid for freedom, but will the freedom Nick and others seek be better than what they have already and perhaps, do not appreciate?


About the Author -

Mary Helen Farr lives in Tasmania, Australia, with her husband Andrew. Her three children and three grandchildren live close by. Nurturing a love of writing that began as a child, she published her first novel in 2013. Now retired, she has time to indulge her imagination, setting many of her stories to the backdrop of this beautiful, picturesque State.


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