We Don’t Say Goodbye and Neither Do They: Instead, we say, ”See you later!”
We Don’t Say Goodbye and Neither Do They: Instead, we say, ”See you later!”

We Don’t Say Goodbye and Neither Do They: Instead, we say, ”See you later!”


Cheryl Kay

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A group of Spirit souls regularly gather in Cheryl Kay’s loungeroom,
excitedly conveying their ethereal “mail”. Cheryl sits patiently
with pen poised, ready to take down their dictation!
From an early age, Cheryl experienced regular visitations from
the Spirit World. Spending time with these veiled companions,
several Spirit souls became her best friends and confidantes.
As Cheryl’s life unfolded, she experienced immense pain and grief with
the unexpected death of two of her loved ones from her physical world.
Through her grieving process, Cheryl realised that Spirit World had
another insightful message to share with her: Life/Afterlife.

Death is the Earth Soul’s transition back to their Spiritual home:
the resounding message is “emotionally our loved ones never leave our side”.

Depart Earth Atmosphere Transition Home.

Cheryl Kay shares her spiritual journey with empathy
and emotion, exploring Life/Afterlife with Justin and her
“dearest friend”, as well as her Spirit world advisors.

Throughout the book, discover the lessons Cheryl learns and
the knowledge she gains from the Spirits. In addition, you will
achieve an understanding of how they often chat to her, declaring
their messages of love, healing and divine guidance.

Spirit speaks and we can listen!

We don’t say goodbye, and neither do they.
Instead, we say, “see you later!”

“After/Life a return to wholeness of our Spirit” - Cheryl Kay

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A5 (148mm x 210mm)
Perfect Bound

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
cheryl outred
'We dont say goodbye & neither do they'

This is a great quick read glancing into the spiritual life weaving into our world. My sister in law handed me the book and i couldn't put it down. Cheryl shares her private life torture & how she not only survives but thrives. Her continual reference is a reminder to look for signs & symbols all around us, evidence of the Spirit world communicating. I love her individual stories relating to our every day life. I am so happy this is available for those who want just a little more. This book will help you to understand not to be scared of connecting with our Spirit world. xxxx