Annette Kontoleon

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Wow! Seventy years has gone in a flash, and the circle has almost completed. An old saying comes to mind: “What goes around comes around.”

When hard times come, people resort to different behaviours. Some gamble to the extreme, hoping to survive on luck, while others drink or take drugs to forget. Meanwhile, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The power play begins. Gangs run riot, drugs are prevalent in all walks of life, and the drug kings grow larger and more powerful, living lives of luxury and hitting the society scene as though they are royalty. They are treated like Gods and lavish themselves with the best of everything. Their lifestyles are amazing: racing cars, horses, bikes, and whatever their hearts desire. The money flows freely, but is it truly easy money? It’s obvious that they have no conscience. No one can touch them because they are high up in the chain of command; the police have little control because the laws tie their hands. At best, they can only prosecute the runners, sellers, and traffickers, not where the real money comes from.

As I tell you this story, to put it in perspective, I need to take you back to the late 1800s, to the era of my great-grandparents, and show how the circle of life revolves around, once again quoting “What goes around comes around.”

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