Wangalpong to Mount Tamborine Volume 1
Wangalpong to Mount Tamborine Volume 1

Wangalpong to Mount Tamborine Volume 1


Karen Rosser

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Writer Karen Rosser surprises readers by giving Mount Tamborine — ‘Wangalpong’ to the Wangerriburra traditional custodians — a personality. The Mountain shares the enchanting story from its birth millions of years ago to the birth of Queensland in 1859.

The characters are real, and Karen brings their relationship with the Mountain to life. An accurate and fully referenced historical text, Wangalpong to Mount Tamborine takes readers on a magical carpet ride above the Logan & Albert valleys and east across Wangalpong to the Coomera and Nerang River valleys of today’s Gold Coast.

In moments when history was not recorded, Karen poses questions that invite readers to pause and reflect for themselves. Prepare yourself for an unexpected and most enjoyable read!



This meticulously researched and beautifully written history is one we can enjoy as a good read and keep handy for reference. It is written from the point of view of The Mountain and its ancient people. They watched as the volcano rearranged the landscape, the ships sailed by, the explorers ventured north, and settlement began. The author has made extensive use of the eye-witness accounts of those explorers, administrators, surveyors, and settlers. Careful analysis has given an interesting new view of the history most of us learned at school. This is no dry as dust recitation of the bare dates and places but a fascinating story that carries the reader along and encourages us to explore further.

This book started as a family history but developed as the author’s curiosity led to questioning our history as we have known it.  As family historians, we should strive for meticulous research, accurate referencing, comprehensive indexing, and in-depth insights into what has made our own family unique.

We should all have this fascinating history of the beginnings of Queensland on our library shelves.

Nola Fulwood, Former archivist and Manager, Public Access, (1990-2003), Queensland State Archives. 


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