Walking With Our Father
Walking With Our Father

Walking With Our Father


Gary Cairns

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Read the story of how Spot went searching for the meaning of life...

At the age of 15 as he walked out of the back gate of the Macgregor High School in Brisbane for the last time, he decided right there and then, to run as wild as he could without going to prison. So for the next 19 years he did just that. At age 30 Spot found himself living illegally in LA and felt more lost than ever. Read how he worked alongside a Christian named Bazz for 3 and a half years in LA then one day Spot had a life changing experience with Jesus and was changed from the Wildman that everyone knew to God's man. Spot discovered a Peace n Joy in Jesus that he could never find in the things of this world. The things the world offered only left him with a deep emptiness in his soul. 



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