Unforgiven Sins
Unforgiven Sins

Unforgiven Sins


Sue Costa

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Marina knew this trip to London was a mistake the minute she saw Sydney, the city she grew up in, fade with every heartbeat.

At twenty-five, she was running away from lingering teenage memories that still haunted her.

Thomas and Henry were out of prison. She was jumping at shadows, expecting to see them around every corner. It was only a matter of time before her nightmare became her reality.

Her travels led her back to her birthplace – to the terror of a ravaging war – and into the arms of a broken soldier.

But the enemies from her past were relentless. They knew no boundaries.

Revenge their ultimate goal.


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Format: Paperback
Dimensions: US Trade (152mm x 228mm)
Pages: 350 pgs

The sequel to Lingering Sins