Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business


J.A. Kole

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Bryan returns to a town he hasn't visited for almost fifty years. A simple task awaits him; to say goodbye to his elderly mother, and then to catch the return flight home.

Home is safe, a place where memories are stored in tidy compartments, managed, contained.

He knows that to extend his stay is unwise. He has made an uneasy peace with this town. Laid all the ghosts to rest.

Yet, a force more powerful reaches out to him. He hears her voice. Feels her presence. She is beside him. Her voice, long ago silenced, reaches out to him.

His inclusion in the Grant family that long-ago summer was like nothing he had ever experienced. Eleanor and Arthur Grant were so unlike his mother and father; in fact, he had never met adults quite like them.

But it was her, the forthright, courageous, spirited, sometimes reckless Rae whom he adored and followed willingly. He grew to know her intricately, even intimately. Rae was his mentor, his muse, his world. He was always totally in awe of her. How could he not be?

When this near-perfect life unravelled, what ensued would leave him haunted and struggling for his remaining years.

This is a coming-of-age story. A story that juxtaposes Bryan’s younger and older selves. A story that shows how an unresolved past can shape everything that follows.


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