Under a Morning Glory Cloud
Under a Morning Glory Cloud

Under a Morning Glory Cloud


Sylvia Hamman

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Based on a True Story by Sylvia Hammann
This book is about five little girls who lived in a small remote town in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, Australia.
After their mother died, the girls at the age of ten to two, along with a young lad who the family had taken in, lived on their own in an old haunted house when their father had to work away from home. 
As they grew older, their father taught the girls about the birds and the bees the hard way, causing them to mistrust him. But as they were very young, they relied on him to care for them. 
The girls quickly learnt to fend for themselves as best as they could, with whatever was available during those years. They didn't expect any help, as those times were hard for all families living in that remote area. 

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Author: Sylvia Hammann
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