TV and Mud Puddles

TV and Mud Puddles


Kerry L. Barry

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Children have always asked the same old question: “What should we do over the school holidays?”
And it’s even harder to answer when it’s been raining for over a week.

This is where Katie has found herself—going crazy with boredom. Then the sun came out, giving her a different problem to sort out.

Join Katie and her friends as they get into a messy situation while trying to keep themselves entertained during the school holidays back in the 1970s—long before there were DVDs, Facebook, or YouTube. All children had back then was a bicycle, a black and white TV, their friends, and their imagination to keep them amused.

TV and Mud Puddles shows how much fun (or trouble) one afternoon can create, without even trying, and what friendship is all about.

Be sure to follow what Katie does next.


Stay tuned for the next book in the What Katie Did series.


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