Too Many Words
Too Many Words

Too Many Words


Debbie Brooker

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Annabelle loves to talk! She talks so much her friends get annoyed and walk away from her. 
Annabelle plays detective to find solutions to fix this issue so her friends will want to play with her again. However, there is still one special friend who listens to her every word no matter what. Who could that be?


About the Author

Debbie Brooker lives in Queensland, is married, and is the mother of two adult sons. Having been a community volunteer in various ways for over 30 years, coordinating a parents’ support group for 20 of those years, she now enjoys bringing positive and motivating stories to children.

Her first book Flowers for Penny introduced us to shy Penny and showed how the simplest of kind interactions can have far reaching positive effects on a child’s life.

In this book we meet outgoing chatty Annabelle in a new adventure of social discoveries.



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Format: Saddle-stitched 
Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm
Pages: 28 pgs

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