The Way to Go
The Way to Go

The Way to Go


Peter Mills

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Workforce capability is an organization’s ability to accomplish its objectives through its people. This not only requires capable people, it also requires the effective operation of the working organization, that is, the organization’s structure, role relationships, systems of work and managerial leadership. As such, this book takes a holistic and integrated approach to workforce capability development.


Specifically, this book provides managers and human resources professionals with:

  • A model for individual and workforce capability development
  • An understanding of the aspects of individual capability that can and cannot be developed
  • The impacts of the working organization on individual and organizational capability
  • A planned and integrated approach to workforce capability development that includes the attraction and selection of new employees, development and retention strategies and the ability to effectively and fairly remove excess employees
  • Specific actions that can be undertaken to improve both individual and workforce capability including talent and critical position management, team development and cultural change.


The book is to provide leaders with the information and tools they need to improve workforce capability.

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