The Vegvisir
The Vegvisir

The Vegvisir


Michael Rademan

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In the village of Solfrid, Lagertha and Vera, two lifelong best friends, defy expectations with their contrasting personalities. Lagertha, a fierce warrior with braided blonde hair and a tattoo of the goddess Hel, embodies the strength and skill of a shield maiden. Vera, with her mischievous nature and red curly hair, challenges societal norms and carries an array of silver blades. 

Together, they embark on daring raids and explore uncharted territories. Lagertha, as the village’s shield maiden, serves as a protector and esteemed representative. Their bond  will be tested as they navigate loyalty, revenge, and fate through the Nine Realms. The saga of Lagertha and Vera begins in Solfrid, shaping their lives and the fate of those around them.

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Format: Paperback (Perfect Bound)
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