The Tragic Fate of Jack Funnybone
The Tragic Fate of Jack Funnybone

The Tragic Fate of Jack Funnybone


Antonio De Ionno

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Jack Funnybone is once again alone: his comedienne boarder and would-be lover, Jo King has been taken by a shark and his plans of forging a career in comedy writing and earning an income are in disarray. Jack, desperate for a change of fortune, meets with his copywriter cousin and showcases his copywriting talent. Impressed, she puts forward a  proposal that will see him obtain work as a copywriter. With Lady Luck seemingly smiling,  he agrees to take his ex-girlfriend in as a boarder in the hope of renewing their  relationship.

On the cusp of realizing his ambitions and loving again, he is severely injured in a car accident on the same road on which his parents were killed: Fate, in a tragic parallel, has once again intervened.

Fate accuses Jack of a litany of crimes including murder, mockery and misogyny. A trial involving Fate, Death and the abstract forces and concepts is held on the etheric plane to
determine the final fate of our hero. 

Full of suspense; switching between dimensions and with an epilogue written in play format, this cross-genre final instalment of the Jack Funnybone/Fate trilogy will fascinate
and thrill you with its boldness and originality, unique characters and thought-provoking wit.