The Secret to Having the Perfect Garden
The Secret to Having the Perfect Garden

The Secret to Having the Perfect Garden


Raewyn Bailey and Elizabeth McCready

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What’s the secret to a perfect garden? What do you do when all your flowers keep dying? How do you revive a fern when all hope seems lost?

These are just a couple of the questions that expert gardeners, Raewyn Bailey and Elizabeth McCready, set out to answer in their first book, The Secret to Having the Perfect Garden. Neighbours and best friends for nearly 30 years, these dedicated horticulturists have killed more plants than they can count!

But from the depths of despair rose a glimmer of hope. For years, this dynamic duo worked tirelessly, toiling under the hot sun with hands buried in the dirt – all so that they could establish a failsafe guide to creating the perfect garden.

These 30 years of determined collaboration turned Raewyn and Elizabeth into masters of their craft. Now, their gardens are luscious, their hearts are happy – and their plants no longer quiver in fear.

The culmination of this enormous effort, dear readers, is the very book you hold in your hands. So, take a deep breath, open the first page, and discover the secret…


Size: US Trade (152mm x 228mm)
Page Count: 200
Binding: Perfect Bound


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