The Road to Emotional Freedom
The Road to Emotional Freedom

The Road to Emotional Freedom


Fred Kopriva

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We all carry emotional scars from our past and most of us have a few strategies to release that pain from our inner self.

Would you like to heal those emotional scars that still hurt?

Would you like to feel liberated with the knowledge that you have skills to handle stressful situations?

Would you like to sidestep your familiar self and find new reserves to achieve the unthinkable?

Would it be useful to manage any person, even if they are confrontational or abusive?

Emotional Freedom will arm you with the knowledge and skills to handle negativity, stress, and abuse. You'll have the tools to deal with your own internal negative dialogue, as well as stressful scenarios that unexpectedly happen from one day to the next.

FRED KOPRIVA is a qualified counsellor and board member of the South Australian Counselling Association. He is dedicated to helping people achieve their life goals whilst helping them deal with the challenges of daily living such as work, finance, children, and relationships. If you want counselling from Fred, ring 0412 829 066.

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