the quiet voice within
the quiet voice within

the quiet voice within


Sharanya Naidoo

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Are you curious about your inner voice?
Have you heard people talking about the inner voice
but have no idea how to access yours?
Have you heard your inner voice before but wish
you could hear it on demand?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this book is for you.

 Your inner voice is the voice of your soul and it will help you avoid putting your ladder up against the wrong wall. It guides you not only to success, but fulfillment too. When you find the wisest voice inside you and let that be your guide, you will notice that decisions become easier, synchronicities increase, and your life unfolds in ways that your mind cannot imagine for you.

You begin to live a surrendered life.

 This book is about living the life beyond your mind,

it is about living the life your soul intended for you.

Sharanya shares how she began listening to and cultivating her relationship with her inner voice with short stories, insights and lessons she learned along the way.

"The greatest teachers do not want us to sit at their feet,
but rather at the feet of our own soul,
the source of our deepest wisdom.
From this place, our inner voice speaks."


Sharanya Naidoo first heard her inner voice at 11 years old. Since then she has worked to develop a strong relationship with it. It has been a 25 year journey where she has slowly learned to let her soul be in the driver’s seat. Sharanya has had to become comfortable with the unknown, learn how to surrender as she watches her life unfold before her.
And she helps others learn how to do the same. Visit


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