The Puzzle of Terra Nullius
The Puzzle of Terra Nullius

The Puzzle of Terra Nullius


Brian Gilmour

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A work of fiction, the book sets out to retrace the historical events of the penal settlement of New South Wales in chronological order.
The Puzzle is a kaleidoscope of images; a sense of reality to the stereotypes represented in history, and highlights the grim challenges faced by the first six governors.
It delves into the day-to-day lives of the inmate convicts, the marine corps and soldiers, free settlers, and bunyip farmers.
Starvation and hardship were the order of the day of what became one of the largest penitentiaries in English history.
The perception of the so-called Frontier Wars is laid bare.
There was no slavery, and the book celebrates the Indigenous heroes of Bungaree, Bennelong, Musquito, Boorong, Pemulwuy, Mahrahra, and Windradyne.
A period of turbulent social integration and the progeny of these societies have grown to form the backbone of the nation of Australia.


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