The Poor Kid with Rich Dreams
The Poor Kid with Rich Dreams

The Poor Kid with Rich Dreams


Duku Fore

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Duku talks too much. He was only 10 years old when his family emigrated from a Ugandan refugee camp to Australia. As a refugee, life in Australia had already been proving to be difficult. But Duku had a lot of dreams, and nothing - not being a victim of bullying, nor his speech impediment and being expelled from his school - could stop him from going after everything he has ever dreamed off.

Even though life in Australia was hard, Duku always had his loving family by his side. Together, they overcame the different culture shocks by learning the new language, getting used to the new foods and making a life for themselves. Their parent’s sacrifice and work ethics were the inspiration Duku and his 6 siblings needed to help ignite their dreams.

Duku’s two best friends Adam and Boni were always around when there was something to laugh about or a dream to chase. But after managing to graduate high school and getting into university, Duku made a spontaneous decision to travel to the other side of the world to eat a sandwich!

The video on YouTube about the sandwich was so inspiring that Duku didn’t know it would lead him to getting lost in Hong Kong, becoming an illegal migrant in Thailand and speaking at the UN Headquarters in New York just for him to achieve his dream!

An inspiring figure, Duku’s story will move and amuse you as he discovers his rich dreams.


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