The Polar Bear and the Fox
The Polar Bear and the Fox

The Polar Bear and the Fox


Hannah Britton

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Under the light of the glistening moon,
the polar bear hunts his prey.
But little does he know that
in the shimmering snow ahead
lay a trap set during the day.


Prompted by a school assignment, Hannah Britton wrote and illustrated The Polar Bear & The Fox at age thirteen. Hannah was inspired by The Lion and The Mouse (one of Aesop's fables) and set out to write her own story that conveyed the same valuable messages.

Set in a beautiful Arctic landscape, this is a tale about the great polar bear and how he came to make a deal with the fox. Accompanied by Hannah’s delicate hand drawn illustrations, this magical tale is about mercy and loyalty, and shows that no matter how small or big you are, you can achieve anything.

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Format: Saddle-stitch
Dimensions: A4 
Pages: 36 pgs

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