The Matter of Life and Death
The Matter of Life and Death

The Matter of Life and Death


Fiona Landau

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An eclectic collection of original poems awaits here for the reader and lover of words.

You’ve never read anything like it. What will you make of it? Make of it what you will.

A humble offering of thoughtful prose on life and death. Pause for thought for the old souls and introverts; the fringe dwellers and everyone with a seeking mind. Our layered world is not all that it seems. A much older world forgotten is peaking through the veil.

This collection is bookended with some dabs of philosophy and choice stories, that cradle the main body of work. If the words within this book help the reader in any way to face another day and shift their thinking away from the humdrum, and feel less alone in our busy world, then it has done its job. Enjoy and share.


Tricked by the years

The sum of the whole

Prick up your ears

I sing to your soul