The Magic of the Waughlock
The Magic of the Waughlock

The Magic of the Waughlock


Bernard McConville

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The large majority of cricket fans are obsessed with averages as if it is one of the litmus tests in rating a batsman. In test cricket, batsmen have always had so many opportunities to gorge themselves in soft, low-key situations that the ‘average’ is rendered almost completely devoid of any real, significant meaning. What matters most is that a player performs when it matters most. Find out what made Mark Waugh such a truly superb player, far more special than so many fans realise; these same fans so often blinded by a supposedly ‘not quite great’ average of only 41.8.

Baseball, by comparison did away with raw batting averages decades ago, and now in the third decade of the 21st Century, cricket’s archaic base statistical model is in similar dire need of comprehensive overhaul and reform.


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