The Immortal Hindu Tales
The Immortal Hindu Tales

The Immortal Hindu Tales


Awadhesh Sharma

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The book presents an abstract of ancient Hindu texts such as
the Ramayan, Mahabharat and Bhagavat Puran. It includes
cherished stories from them and other sources that have 
been retold to generations of humanity since antiquity.
The stories of great personalities such as the founders of new religions and sects, popular teachers and emperors, philosophers, poets, devotees and social reformers are also presented. They tell the readers about the glorious past of human society and are designed to enthuse them to endeavour for achieving a bright future.
Books and personalities have played significant roles in shaping the outlooks of people in India. They have contributed to their spiritual development and social cohesion.
The book will speak to Indophiles, persons of Indian descent including the diaspora, and those open and curious about Indian culture. It will help develop a sense of appreciation in the mind of the people of Indian origin for their heritage. Other readers will broaden their understanding of the Indian way of life, culture and traditions. The original source books granted blessings of good fortune to the readers of these stories. With a bit of luck, that blessing will extend to the readers of this book.

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