The Hideaway Hero
The Hideaway Hero

The Hideaway Hero


Jackie Moore

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Stan is going on holiday with his parents and brings along his best friend Vamick. They are looking forward to having lots of fun on the beach. Stan plans to practise his boogie boarding, and Vamick wants to go snorkelling.

When they arrive, they hear that a wanted criminal is on the run from the police and a manhunt is being conducted in the area. Stan and Vamick want to catch the criminal and claim the reward, so they decide to do some sleuth work of their own.

While playing on the beach one day, they uncover a secret – a secret they know will interest the police, but they can’t agree on what to do and their friendship is put to the test.

What do they discover?
Does it place them in danger?
How will they solve it?
Will their friendship survive?

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Format: Paperback
Dimensions: A5 (148mm x 210mm)
Pages: 66 pgs