The Grey Ballerina
The Grey Ballerina

The Grey Ballerina


Ellie Clarkson

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Once upon a time there were 5 beautiful ballerinas. Yellow Ballerina, Blue Ballerina, Red Ballerina, Green Ballerina and Grey Ballerina. The Ballerinas are all equally nervous and excited for the upcoming recital.

Except for Grey Ballerina. She is very worried.

“Feeling like her heart is beating around in her chest. As if thousands of butterflies are fluttering around in her tummy and gasping for each breath like she has just been for a long run.”

Luckily, the other ballerina’s recognise that Grey Ballerina is not herself and offer Grey Ballerina the support that she doesn’t even know she needs.

A story about the struggles of childhood anxiety told though the eyes of Grey Ballerina. Teaching simple and effective emotional regulation strategies as well as empowering the individual to know that it is okay to ask for help.


Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
Page Count: 26
Binding: Perfect Bound