The Good, The Bad, The Relationship

The Good, The Bad, The Relationship


Deborah Stenton

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Have you ever wondered what takes you from being in a loving relationship to feeling doomed, depressed, or alone?

Why is it we keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result?

The Good, The Bad, The Relationship takes an objective look at how we interact with our partner, family, children, friends, and work colleagues. It provides guidelines along with key words that will help you identify issues by posing realistic questions and suggestions. As you learn to navigate through these 10 stages of relationships, you’ll start recognising the patterns played out within our lives.

You may see your relationships being calm, smooth sailing or rough and violent, not knowing the direction the next blow’s coming from. When we hit the First Hint of Disappointment we must communicate and resolve straight away. If this is not achieved there’s the potential these feelings could be swept under the rug, slowly building up until they explode in a negative way, heading you straight into The Stinking Rotting Bog.

It is our birthright to live in happiness and have bliss in our lives.

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