The Financial Collapse of Builders
The Financial Collapse of Builders

The Financial Collapse of Builders


John F. Dempsey

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This book represents a valuable tool that can assist in the operation of a construction business. It is a comprehensive study and analysis of the reasons why building contractors can become insolvent. It evaluates the interrelationship between construction risk and insolvency. 

It includes many insights and extensive commentary on the: 

  • numerous factors that can cause the financial collapse of building contractors;
  • theory and practical application of construction risk management;
  • understanding and awareness of construction risks and warning signs;
  • evaluation of case studies over the decades;
  • underlying need for the right approach, decisions and strategies.

The book demonstrates that the extent of construction risk management adopted by building contractors can be the difference between failure and success. 

About the author

John F Dempsey is a Builder, Lawyer and Banker. He has been involved in the building industry in various capacities for over 30 years. His experience includes construction management (i.e various roles in different building companies), practising as a construction lawyer and national manager of construction risk in a leading financial institution. He has a detailed understanding and awareness of the financial and non-financial risks that can impact upon the financial position of building contractors. He believes that effective construction risk management can ensure the survival of building contractors. 

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