The Events that Shaped the History of Japan

The Events that Shaped the History of Japan


Sachiko Iwayama

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What are the Japanese beliefs or religion?

Who were samurai? What is bushido?

What kind of lives did women lead? Did you know that women invented the Japanese alphabet?

Zen, the tea ceremony, haiku, and sushi—is there a connection?

There were 250 years of peace and stability between the 17th and 19th centuries—how was that achieved?

How did Japan modernise itself?

How have Japanese emperors managed to maintain this status for 1,400 years, throughout many political changes?

What led Japan into the Asia Pacific War (World War II)?


These are some of the questions answered in The Events That Shaped the History of Japan. Author Sachiko Iwayama has distilled a vast amount of information derived from hundreds of books into a compact history of the essence of Japanese culture. The clear, chronological storyline and fascinating, intimate narratives take readers on a journey through Japan from 10,000 BC to the 1940s.


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