The Dragon’s Reign
The Dragon’s Reign

The Dragon’s Reign


Tim Mullins

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Nothing felt overly exciting for twenty-four-year-old Blake. His career as a courier driver was hardly something to brag about and although he raced cars on the weekend, life seemed to have slowed to a crawl. For his housemate and best friend James, however, life was peachy; he was about to ask out the girl of his dreams and was entering his final year at university.

Social media sensation Emma Riley was living her best life: her following was booming, her sponsors were calling, and people just could not get enough of her. If only her father, Thomas, could get off her back once in a while.

Will was ready for the next big step. The restaurant was booked, the evening was planned, and the diamond ring was perfect. All he hoped now was that Lila, his girlfriend of four years, would say yes.

But after a mysterious fire-breathing creature leaves the Australian city of the Gold Coast in ruins, this group of strangers are forced to leave their old lives behind and band together in a fight for survival. With no way to communicate with the outside world and no help in sight, a greater mystery begins to unfold around them.

What is the monster that attacked the city?

Where did it come from?

Is our reign, our way of life, really over?

Is the dragon’s reign about to begin?


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