The Coffee Table Book for Mature Dating
The Coffee Table Book for Mature Dating

The Coffee Table Book for Mature Dating


Ryll Ganter

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Having lived a life spanning a number of decades, growing up and being present to the many changes the world has undertaken, suffering the heartbreak from the loss of a child and the breakdown of four and a half marriages.

This book is about one woman’s journey to see if love is still a possibility when marching toward the golden years of her life.

Instead, this independent senior decides to embark on a quest to find love again, only this time its in the online dating realm. How does she navigate this? Would it still be reminiscent of the old school dating she remembered or had this new era irrevocably changed the way in which romance and courtship was now done?

Full of courage and tenacity she delves into this unknown world in a bid to discover the expectations and differences between the sexes, on what a relationship means at this stage of life. What will she learn about them and herself in venturing into these dates with a plethora of people, each at different points in their own life’s journey.


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Format: Paperback
Dimensions: A5 (148mm - 210mm)
Pages: 166 pgs