The Blue Crayon
The Blue Crayon

The Blue Crayon


Vanessa Adelaide

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The Forgotten Toys, Book Two

The Forgotten Toys Series is about a group of toys abandoned and forgotten at the bottom of the toy box. The children have traded the toys for iPads. Each story is a story of hope and rediscovery for the toys. The stories focus on feelings and the importance of feelings being shared and understood with trusted friends.


Books in the series
My Lonely Dolly
The Blue Crayon
The Old Teddy
The Red Truck 



About the author – Vanessa Adelaide

Vanessa has a background of using the arts to teach social and emotional wellbeing strategies to children, using African djembes, percussion instruments, theatre sports and storytelling.

Vanessa explores issues that can be troubling and sometimes complicated for children to talk about. Conversations with children can be opened for exploration through drawing real life analogies from the stories.


About the illustrator – Alan Cottam

Alan has been a known doodler and sketcher to his family and friends for years. More recently, Alan has taken his passion for art seriously. Now retired, Alan finally has the time to explore his passion for art. During COVID, his love of cruising and taking short holidays has been put on hold and replaced by exploring what it means to be a children’s book illustrator with his daughter Vanessa.