Tempting Fate
Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate


Stan D. Cajdler

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A WORD OF WARNING! – this book has been written with total reliance on HI (Human intelligence). It may be one of the last books from a cohort of authors who prefer to sidestep AI.
The year is 1946 – The year is 2023. The year is somewhere in between.

TEMPTING FATE is an anthology of youthful antics, passion, naivety, philosophy, and adult buffoonery. It is also  a memoir. How our star character (the author) survived only semi-scathed is a mystery.

“In the dead of night, in a vacant industrial estate, a crime has been perpetrated. A manhunt ensues, but can the police break the “code of silence” and make an arrest?” 

“By the time the dust had settled, everything and everyone was cloaked in white – I was that “everyone”. Standing there, transfixed, I would have resembled Michelangelo’s marble statue of David, but to my three young children, daddy looked like a snowman.”

“You woke me up and [under the pretext of a surprise] dragged me out of a safe bed just to feed me to a croc? When were you going to tell me, after I had slipped halfway down his throat?”

Through an eclectic assortment of anecdotes, you will trace the developments in our character’s life that may evoke visions of your own misadventures.