Take One At Bedtime
Take One At Bedtime

Take One At Bedtime


Garden City Creative Writers

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Stories More Fun Than Pills....

A new collection of eclectic stories from the creative minds of the Garden City Writers.
Stories of obsession, aspiration, conflict, hardship and humour.

Inside you will experience…

• a not so simple question
• the life changing effect of a stolen car
• panic in many forms
• a remarkable relationship with a car
• the thought that your genes carry your forefather’s memories
• the importance of finding a safe place
• the idea curiosity or boredom forces progress
• time capsules that stir unwanted memories
• everything with a beginning and an end
• a wartime adventure
• a crocodile attack

And you will meet…

• A modern pirate who has robbed who knows who and of what
• An air hostess who reacts violently to airline snacks
• Royalty visiting their long-lost family in a Brisbane suburb.
• A drowned rat that resurfaces
• A Chinese spy
• A brain tumour survivor
• A ghost
Immerse yourself in life’s experiences!



Format: Paperback (Perfect Bound)
Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm
Pages: 248 pgs

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