Smooch Kitten
Smooch Kitten

Smooch Kitten


Lauren Sims

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The Asido Cats, Book 1 Join the adventures of The Asido Cats.

These curious cats have many stories to tell for young readers to enjoy.

Smooch Kitten is the first book in the series.

Smooch Kitten uses rhyming and photos to teach young children the basics of reading while helping to develop empathy for animals, including the ins and outs of cat behaviour - when to befriend a cat, and when to respect their boundaries!

Smooch kitten… Smooch kitten… How are you today? Smooch kitten… Smooch kitten… Won’t you say g’day? Cats Hershey, Olio, Tricks, and Rolo can’t wait to get to know you!


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Pg count: 36
Size: 215mm x 215mm
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