Shining Through
Shining Through

Shining Through


Soraya Saraswati

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Soraya Saraswati’s memoir Shining Through: From Grief to Gratitude is a mother's story of anguish, grief, and gratitude; a parent's rite of passage through the traumas of suicide, secrets, and spirituality. The story is interwoven with an emerging wisdom of acceptance and forgiveness including mindful presence, meditation, and surrendering to the flow of life ‘as it is’ with priceless gratitude.

“This book is a priceless gift from a courageous, beautiful soul and a shining beacon for our troubled modern world. If you have ever tried to find comfort and healing through spiritual paths when in deep pain and grief, then here is a guide who can assist you out of the darkness into a new dawn of forgiveness and freedom.”

Sally Oldfield,
Singer Songwriter

With a thirty-year background in complementary medicine, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, Soraya Saraswati now travels with husband, Terry Oldfield, singing and performing original songs, mantras, and music and offering ‘Mind Sanctuary Retreats’.

Soraya is passionate about dispelling the veil of shame that surrounds suicide and stepping up to make a difference through education around mindfulness, compassionate listening, loving kindness, acceptance, and inclusivity toward all peoples.

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