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Secret Women's Business Lingerie

Secret Women's Business Lingerie


Pauline Kramer-Saxon

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Confessions from the Change Rooms

Pauline Kramer-Saxon tells her story, as well as those of a wonderfully diverse cast of women (and some men) who pass through her lingerie store, Secret Women’s Business.

“It’s amazing the things people will tell you while they observe themselves, near naked, in the change room mirror,” says Pauline.

The stories run a gamut of emotions involving love, marriage, divorce, sex of many kinds, joy, sorrow, loss and body image. What they all have in common is a love of lingerie. While each story is based on true life experiences, names and personal details have been changed to protect identities.

Representing the third generation of a family of lingerie manufacturers, Pauline has that rare ability to just look at someone and know their size and the perfect garment to fit them. 

Her story reaches back three generations to wartime Europe. By a mere twist of fate, her family survived and emigrated to Australia as refugees in the late 40’s and as 10 pound Poms in the early 50’s and started making lingerie again.

This is a book that will make you laugh and cry and sometimes compel you to do both at the same time.


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sue McGain
Fabulous read

Great read, fun stories, sad stories. Thoroughly enjoyed the book.
Would be a great Christmas present.

Not Just for Women

My grandma had big knockers.
Therefore I think she saw herself as a quasi expert on underwear. I was so embarrassed when she took me to have a bra fitting. Two old ducks fussing over my less than endowed bust (apparently in the 70’s “buds” were offensive in a t-shirt).
All these memories came flooding back as I read Secret Women’s Business.
Pauline is an amazing storyteller.
This book highlights the journey of her trailblazing parents' post World War 2 and how it lead to Pauline opening her own lingerie store.
A classy and worldly woman who clearly has the ability to make everyone feel at ease, this is evident with the stories Pauline shares from behind the dressing room curtain. Loved it!

Jane B
Easy Fun Read

A great little book for a quiet weekend. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to delve deeper into 'secret women's business'.

I’m buying this book for all my girlfriends

I love a good story. This book is full of wonderful stories that will make you laugh, maybe cry a little, and occasionally blush. Pauline Kramer-Saxon tells this story as she lived it. I just can’t rave enough about it.

Great little read

My wife gave me this book to read on a weekend away after I forgot to pack my own. I can't believe how much I enjoyed it. It's a fascinating look inside a lingerie store and the people (men and women) who shop there. I laughed a lot, felt sad a little. Highly entertained.