Second Son of a Soldier Settler: On the Spectrum
Second Son of a Soldier Settler: On the Spectrum

Second Son of a Soldier Settler: On the Spectrum


Douglas Cope

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I had no ambition to write any story at all. My father was a soldier and served overseas with the A.I.F. during the Second World War.

With his discharge , he was encouraged to apply for War Service, and to also put his name forward for the Soldier Settlement Scheme, which all states supported. This allocation of land could be anywhere, usually in the state of residence. But let me say, the back of beyond and woop woop, could well be where most families ended up.

As a young boy, I really could not understand the behaviour of my father, no doubt damaged from war service as were most, who have seen action. As I grew older, being the  youngest, I felt left out. Even at six or seven years old, my best friends, where my bike and  my dog. Together we roamed far and wide, looking for odd jobs.  Always yearning for my independence, my father conceded and sent me into the navy for twelve years. I was  fifteen years old.

Three books  cover a life of great moments and torment, and what  willed me on, at all costs, to achieve in,  opportunities  that came my way. Generally though, under a great deal of duress, I hurt those who were closest.

 In 2006, after  two years of  psychiatric treatment  and forty - two years after a savage ambush at sea, on 17 December,  1964 at Raffles Light ,Singapore, I was diagnosed with long- term mental scarring and PTSD. I was also told that I had probably been 'On the Spectrum' since very early childhood.

Then my lifetime of hard work, achievements and still more to hope for, were brought to a crushing demise, by a simple hip replacement that went horribly wrong.

My reason for writing these books, is I believe, my family, who witnessed my behaviour and temperament, just like I had witnessed my own father's. Totally misunderstood, how can one verbally explain? The written word can only be erased by turning the page. 

This synopsis covers the three books. Keeping in mind -the first book has 400 plus pages - also the second and third.

I hope others in our vast community can relate to the words within these pages.  Thank you for reading.


Douglas Cope

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