Scary Mary and the Wobbly Wizard
Scary Mary and the Wobbly Wizard

Scary Mary and the Wobbly Wizard



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In an ever-changing, challenging world that has lost much of its magic and good intentions, an unusual Australian witch revitalises her magic and her old friends with the aim of having a bit of fun. The consequences of her actions lead them head-on into the chaotic world of the Internet. Old foes and new adversaries catapult them into an unpredictable yet humorous adventure, peculiar to a modern world where humans, evil forces, technology and magical beings co-exist.

Set in the Blue Mountains, Scary Mary, along with her old mate, the Wobbly Wizard, and their intrepid troupe of offsiders battle an enemy of powerful deceit. Bent on stealing a much-loved dairy farm from their neighbours, the Mudmucks, the Evil Ones did not count on Scary Mary’s ingenious tenacity or the Mudmucks’ connection to the original owners of the land.

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Format: Paperback
Dimensions: A5 (148mm x 210mm)
Pages: 132 pgs

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