Saviour of Souls
Saviour of Souls

Saviour of Souls


Kelsey Batchelor

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Her court has lost her.

Destiny Maladur has fallen from her status as Princess of Hell, and an Heir of Caliem Manor, and joined Tatiana Sevenna as a soldier and diplomat. 

Fuelled by her Guardians wishes to leave the hate-filled and cunning Manor she grew up in, she is captured and threatened by execution in the war camp; until offered a bargain.

She can work with Tatiana Sevenna, earning the Fae Queen allies in a war that has now turned against her father, and earn her and her Guardians freedom, or she can be sentenced to death for the crimes she committed. 

For Caliem's Greatest Assassin, it's an easy choice to make. 

With more and more secrets being discovered about the Paradoxin Rift, time begins to run out for the unruly and increasingly tension-filled group, and Destiny might just be the person to break it. Her previous enemies are emerging to destroy her, and her carefully built up secrets, particularly with her Connected, are coming crashing down around her in a battle that might just destroy everybody, friend and foe.

Will the Immortal War have a winning side, or will all lose?


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