Garry Morton

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Highly paid and professional psychologist Jack Kirby lives the happy and contented lifestyle that comes with a well-known and appreciated practice. But it has not always been like this.

Kirby was in the Special Air Service (SAS), until misfortune took his love of the service away from him. Now, he is continually confronted with images of his past experiences, and one previous event threatens to ruin his entire life.

Young people are being killed by an unknown group of psychopathic serial killers, led by a madman. The powers that be ask Kirby to return to his previously dangerous life in the SAS, to hunt down and destroy these unstoppable killing machines. Kirby agrees, but, in doing so, he is required to work with Vietnam War veteran Detective Senior Sergeant Steve Peters, who suffers chronic PTSD, and his sidekick partner, Senior Detective Tony Polito.

Despite enormous efforts by the police force and Kirby, the killings continue to an unacceptable level, which leads to the involvement of top political officials. Kirby’s involvement comes at a shocking personal price.

This novel is not for the meek or mild. It is a powerful novel that enhances total revenge against those who have taken the killing of young people as a way of life.


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