The Anointing Oil and Anointing Water
The Anointing Oil and Anointing Water

The Anointing Oil and Anointing Water


Prophet Gerald Nyasulu Ph.D.

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Opinion is divided on the Body of Christ as to whether we should be using anointed materials today. There are those who hold the view that anointed materials are of the Old Testament and were used symbolically to represent the Holy Ghost. Now that we have the reality of the Holy Ghost, the use of anointing materials is obsolete. On the other hand, there are those who hold that anointed materials can and should still be used today.

In this brand-new book titled Anointing Oil and Anointing Water, Prophet Gerald Nyasulu describes anointing at length and how it works. He demonstrates that anointed materials are a vehicle that God by His Spirit has used in the New Testament to transport the anointing from a source to where it is needed. Great and mighty miracles have followed. Prophet Nyasulu shows that this channel is still relevant today and still available to God.

Through the knowledge you will gain in this book, you will understand without a shadow of a doubt the efficacy of anointed materials and the place they still hold in the Body of Christ today. It is only by knowledge that illumination comes and with illumination comes faith!

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