The Power To Rise Above
The Power To Rise Above

The Power To Rise Above


Sandy Davies

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Inspirational stories from women who were determined to succeed.

We all possess the power to rise. Sometimes the curve balls life throws at us bury our  power, but our power remains even when it seems dormant. These thirty women from
across the globe bravely share their stories of triumph, being bigger than their bullies, courageously being their authentic selves and through it all reigniting their flames to rise which in turn celebrates the knowledge that you, too, can rise. Let their stories lift you and inspire you as you rise.

Sandy Davies, Bek Paroz, Tahlia Burchill O’Brien, Lisa Cox, Jehzan Exclusive, Sally Bartlett, Dana Saulter, Donita Richards, Faith Agugu, Donna Ghoussain, Chelsey Cruz, Sandy Lowres,
Nicola Kingham Mills, Jasmine Marshall, Lucy Cooper, Sarah Klaiber, Lana Vissers, Vanessa Atienza Hipolito, Tara Coyote, Melissa Griffiths, Danielle Novytarger, Deslynn Jaquias, Lesley
Van Staveren, Ally Kelly, Annette Densham, Elizabeth Grace, Sandy Soerjadhi, Susan Jarvis, Karen Gibson, and Rena Scott