Perhaps They'll Listen Now!

Perhaps They'll Listen Now!


Margaret Humphries

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Margaret become severely allergic to chemicals through exposure to insecticides and pesticides on the family farm. Chemicals in the plastic telephone handpiece, dishwashng liquid, perfume, pinewood, mould, carpet, bricks and paint were poison to her body, causing her to suffer horrific symptoms. 

Isolated in a body threatened by her very environment, unable to work, Margaret suffered financial penury and experienced personal heartache with her marriage breakdown. 

"Perhaps somebody could put me in a glass bottle... and throw me into the sea. Maybe there I could find refuge and safety." 

Margaret's strength, resilience and strong faith finally set her on a journey of recovery and liberation, enabling her to discover hearing in a world of bureaucratic bungling and ridicule. 

Her story will both dismay and enlighten you. 

Testimonial: "I was ...involved as an expert medical witness ...and can vouch for the accuracy of her observations. I am particularly impressed by the eloquence and lack of exaggeration that should make her work readable and enjoyable." ~ Dr Peter Kendall MBBS BSc MRCP (Lond) FRCP (Edin)

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