Our Love Beyond the Skies

Our Love Beyond the Skies


Galuoko Bogidrau Secivo

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 Our Love Beyond the Skies is a deeply emotional memoir written by Galuoko (‘Bogi’) Bogidrau Secivo, who lost her husband and soul mate, Tevita, to terminal cancer on December 17th 2016.

Bogi and Tevita first met in flying school while training to become pilots. They married and were blessed with a loving family of three children. On their ten-year anniversary on December 17th 2015, they renewed their wedding vows; and exactly one year later to the date, Tevita passed away.

After posting her heartbreaking story on Facebook, Bogi received thousands of messages from people all over the world. Strangers sent their sympathy, encouragement, and support, and shared how they had been inspired to love more dearly and to cherish every moment with their loved ones.

Bogi was overwhelmed by the interest in her story and decided to share the intimate details of her and Tevita’s love story in this book.

I stared down at my Tevita’s body, still in great shock. A painful spasm surged into my heart. I realised I was going to someday hold our grandchildren without him beside me. I refused to believe or accept this.

‘Loving you Ta,’ I whispered into his ear.

‘Loving you Na,’ he replied softly.

Those were to be his last words to me.

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