Old Screw

Old Screw


David 'Emu' Farrell

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David ‘Emu’ Farrell joined the New South Wales prison service in 1974 at age twenty-three. He served for almost forty years, rising through the ranks to senior executive level.

Old Screw tells the story of his experiences working within the harsh New South Wales prison system. It tells of the prisoners he has managed and of the staff he has worked alongside. Sometimes funny and sometimes frightening, David shares the situations he was confronted with and the practices that helped him survive.

Within this book you will find David’s true recollections of both officers and prisoners, all trying to survive behind the walls. A potential powder keg, only needing the smallest spark to set it off.

If you have ever asked: ‘What really happens in gaol?’ then David ‘Emu’ Farrell’s Old Screw will provide you with some answers.

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