Nyx Knights: The Journey of Giants
Nyx Knights: The Journey of Giants

Nyx Knights: The Journey of Giants


T.S Hunter

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Wes Wednesday doesn't like riddles, or brain-scratching head games, but his stepsister Wendy sure does. They are both brave and full of imagination, and both love the stories of the Norse Gods, especially Wes, who would do anything to be just like Thor! The two can't agree on much, but both would rather be adventuring with the legends of Asgard than getting bullied in school or having to live with their new stepsibling arrangement. 

The Nyx Knights may struggle with the real world, but their shared passion for heroes of mythology sparks a power within, and the two must journey in the shadow of The Norse Gods to Utgard, the land of giants.

Helpless in the face of Giant King, the kids and their heroes must rise to a gauntlet of challenges. It is up to Wes and Wendy to unlock the power of their wit, will and imagination to unravel the tapestry of riddles in the castle of smoke and mirrors.

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