Nourished Vegan: A Teenager's Guide
Nourished Vegan: A Teenager's Guide

Nourished Vegan: A Teenager's Guide


Lynn Johnstone

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You can do this!

Nourished Vegan is a must-read for all teens considering plant-based eating and their families.

With the rise in popularity of plant-based diets there has been an explosion of information and mis-information spread throughout the internet and social media. Lynn’s book cuts through the controversy to go back-to-basics with wholesome recipes, practical tips and helpful information.

The nutrition information contained in Nourished Vegan has been thoroughly researched and referenced, and importantly has been written in a clear, easily understood manner that is translatable each person wherever they are on their nutrition journey.

Nourished Vegan is the perfect opportunity to start the conversation on plant-based eating without stress or worry. Lynn uses her personal experience and learning to help other families incorporate plant-based eating in a healthy, practical and positive way. I believe it’s a great tool for parents and teens to open communication and nurture relationships.”

Livana White - Certified Practising Dietitian


“I had no clue what food my daughter needed and more importantly was missing out on to achieve and maintain a healthy being. I sought help from a dietician, my GP, ANYONE that could assist .. and no one really had the exact answers I was after for a teenager, until now, until this amazing book.”

Melinda - Stressed Mum of a teenage vegetarian


“I am so excited with this cook book. I know my Mum really doesn’t know what to cook for me and I don’t really know what I should be eating either .. I know I don’t want to eat meat anymore and I know I have felt really tired sometimes .. these recipes look really yummy and I know they will be good for me and help me feel better and make my Mum happy too.”

Paige - 14yo


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